Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

Mo Bell

November 30, 2021 Mo Bell Episode 21
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Mo Bell
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My guest on this episode is Mo Bell, the newest member of the Take Notice team who has already made such an impact on the growth of our podcast. I was happy to have the opportunity to interview Mo for the podcast as a way to not only introduce them to you all but to hear more about their journey. We discussed growing up in Kentucky, family, and their current path towards earning a degree in social work. 

Mo is a non-binary expressionist, freelancer, medium, traveler, and a MSSW Student at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. They were born in Lebanon, Kentucky and currently reside in Louisville, Kentucky. Their work focuses on the abstractions of life and death. They often find solace in life's exploration. They are the Social Media Manager for Take Notice Podcast, OhHeyCoach Podcast, & HOME Appalachia. Their works are published in Loch Norse Magazine and in Queer Kentucky's online columns. 

You can find them on patreon: www.patreon.com/transforthought or on instagram: @transforthought.

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