Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

Uplifting Community through Music with Marshall Hugh

November 07, 2023 Marshall Hugh Episode 53
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Uplifting Community through Music with Marshall Hugh
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Tuesday, November 7
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Season 4, Episode 8: Marshall Hugh

Seattle-based bandleader, Marshall Hugh, discusses how he got into music and began as the leader of the Marshall Law Band. As a group they have been through a lot, performing at the CHOP protest in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle following the murder of George Floyd, building the SS Jellybean to continue performing for the community during COVID, and planning events like Fremont Fridays and a Gala supporting a local nonprofit. We discuss the importance of taking care of yourself as a creative and building up community.

The origins of Marshall Law Band trace back to the fortuitous meeting of rapper Marshall Hugh and saxophonist Marty Thordarson, who became roommates during their college years. In 2017, they decided to form MLB and quickly enlisted the talents of Evan Robertson on bass, Matt McAlman on drums, Josh Richins on guitar, and Zack Olson on keys, all hailing from Snohomish County, Washington. Driven by their shared passion for effecting positive change and addressing social justice issues, the band wholeheartedly joined the local Seattle protests following the tragic death of George Floyd in 2020. Following a week of powerful performances at the protests, they channeled their experiences into heartfelt songs, which eventually became their debut album, 12th and Pine. The album was expertly produced by Jack Endino, renowned for his work with legendary acts such as Nirvana and Soundgarden. Since then, the Marshall Law Band has embarked on two successful European tours and garnered attention from prominent media outlets, including BBC News, CNN, the Seattle Times, and other major national and regional press.

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