Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

Tina Rix

October 11, 2022 Tina Rix Episode 40
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Tina Rix
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Tuesday, October 11
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Season 3, Episode 4: Tina Rix

Hear about how Master Healer, Trauma Expert, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, Celebrity Trauma Therapist, and musician, Tina Rix, came to be a mental health therapist and advocate. We also discuss her musical inspirations and aspirations, and her film project. 

Just a quick warning, there is discussion of sexual and emotional abuse in our conversation.

Tina has a heart to help others in whatever way she can. Born and raised in Texas, the Nigerian American R&B/pop-soul artist has been crafting and creating art, using multiple mediums from an early age. After years of placing her musical talents on hold, Rix decided to take her musical aspirations more seriously. 'No Looking Back', a musical journey that aims to spark a flame in listeners that promotes health, healing, elevation and self-love, is Tina Rix’s album that is now available - go check it out!

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