Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

Ashley Wynn-Grimes

June 28, 2022 Ashley Wynn-Grimes Episode 32
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Ashley Wynn-Grimes
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Tuesday, June 28
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Season 2, Episode 19: Ashley Wynn-Grimes

In this episode we speak with nurse, author, and entrepreneur, Ashley Wynn-Grimes. We discuss her work with her recently launched business, growing up in a military family, and the book that she will be releasing later this year entitled "Stigmatized".  She also shares how death has had a huge impact on her career and how she lives her life. 

Ashley Wynn-Grimes BSN, RN is the Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC author of children’s book “Asa’s Medicine” and "Stigmatized" to be released in 2022. Native to Baltimore, MD, Wynn-Grimes, a Black female entrepreneur and widely respected medical professional who was honored as a healthcare leader in 2021 by the Baltimore Business Journal. Wynn-Grimes is dedicated to empowering patients and nursing professionals to make informed medical cannabis care choices with impactful educational medical programs that also serve to promote diverse representation and medical equality in cannabis.

Stigmatized - Book
Asa's Medicine - Book

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