Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

Shayna Hammond

October 04, 2022 Shayna Hammond Episode 39
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Shayna Hammond
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Tuesday, October 4
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Season 3, Episode 3: Shayna Hammond

In this episode we speak with consultant, coach, and author Shayna Hammond! We discuss Shayna's experience becoming a principal at 25 years old, the importance of incorporating emotional intelligence into work environments (and all environments!), and her work as a consultant and coach.

Shayna is the founder of IndigoWomen, a coaching & consulting practice dedicated to creating spaces, methods, and conditions for Black women in leadership to thrive. In this capacity, Shayna coaches individuals and groups of Black women leaders from around the globe in a spiritually-inspired and research-based coaching methodology created by and for Black women.

In her new book, Indigo Woman: How to Thrive in Leadership and Life, Shayna inspires readers to rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit so they can lead more authentic, effective, and sustainable lives.

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Shayna's Book: BECOMING AN INDIGOWOMAN: How To Thrive In Leadership And Life

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