Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

Iyabo Mesa Serikali

May 03, 2022 Iyabo Mesa Serikali Episode 28
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Iyabo Mesa Serikali
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May 3, 2022
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
S2. E15 Iyabo Mesa Serikali

Iyabo Mesa Serikali and I spent a lovely evening in February discussing her experience growing up with a large family in Kentucky, photography, freelance work, her parent's martial arts studio, her interest in pursuing music journalism, and a move to Georgia on her horizon. We end the conversation discussing the importance of names. 

Iyabo Mesa Serikali is a music journalist, photographer, model, and content creator who has her hand in many forms of visual media. The 25-year-old creator lives in Downtown Louisville, KY, and enjoys working alongside local talents and creatives to blend art, music, and multimedia.

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