Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

David Skato

February 22, 2022 David Skato Episode 24
Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
David Skato
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Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
Guest: David Skato

In conversation with LA-based filmmaker, David Skato as we discuss his childhood, creative process, projects, dreams, and inspirations. David is the owner of David Skato Productions which is based in Burbank CA. David directed his first feature, Gutta Story, a crime drama, in 2010 which went on to be a local cult film. Since, he has produced, written, and directed 5 features with the latest release being “Once Upon A Lifetime” which is his first worldwide release. When David is not busy writing or directing films, he works on his novels. His debut, “Famous” landed number 19 on Amazon’s bestselling list.  His dream is to have a theatrical release of one of his films and hopes to launch his own cinematic universe in the near future.

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David Skato Productions
IG: @davidskato
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Once Upon a Lifetime
I Am Woman

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